[PD] trying to adapt mu (max-unity) to PD - why does it fail?

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sat Sep 22 17:16:06 CEST 2012

You need to use netsend/receive (or better yet disis_netsend and 
disis_netreceive that include a number of fixes including stability 
improvements that prevent pd-gui freezes)cas the network messages done 
via Martin's externals are translated to FUDI format while 
netsend/receive aren't.

As a test you may want to build a simple network client and compare what 
you're getting when sending using Martin's vs. disis externals...

On 09/22/2012 06:32 AM, Scott R. Looney wrote:
> hi Ivica and list,
> i'm trying to set up the DISIS Max to Unity (mu) communication over 
> TCP/UDP in PD-extended and i can't get it to work. it should be really 
> basic. i've tried it using udpsend/udpreceive and tcpsend/tcpreceive. 
> both return a "Object Not Found" error when it tries to control the 
> rotation on the Cube object.
> out of curiosity i checked the message being sent by Max and the one 
> by PD and as far as i can tell they are totally identical - each one 
> sends the message "send Cube r 0 1 0" but the one from Max sends the 
> message correctly - the one from PD doesn't. both programs indicate 
> that the connection has been established and i did not operate them 
> both at the same time, as that would of course lead to conflicts.
> the only difference i've encountered so far is that the mu example 
> uses netsend and netreceive objects. there are similar objects 
> available for PD but they don't work with a high port number (over 
> 32000). i can change the Unity Script to look for a lower port number 
> but as if i remember netsend and netreceive did not function well in 
> PD which is why everyone recommended Martin Peach's objects.
> anyway i can send examples if interested, but it's really a simple 
> patch, and as far as i can tell the scripts in Unity are looking for 
> any data coming over the port number - they shouldn't care about 
> whether they are looking for data coming out of Max or PD 
> specifically. i'm just talking about the simple rotation demo, not the 
> more complex jitter texture control.
> if anyone's got a clue as to where to start looking let me know.
> thanks,
> scott

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