[PD] it's a mess but it's gettin close to bein a masterpiece

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 02:14:22 CEST 2012

Working on xensynth9 -
fixed preset blurbs env2 labeled as env1, control for string1cutoff
had a _ between $0 and -, there was somethin else with the presets
that I can't remember but it is working now.
I have a spot for tuning in the presets but I'm still debating whether
it should be included in the presets.

The thing about including the tuning is that part of the tuning system
only works when
the host application can do audio rate calculations. the host
application is not always available to do audio rate calculations so
it is possible that you could load the synth, open up a preset and it
doesn't work correctly because the frequency tables have nothing in
them so as soon as I can figure something about that out I will decide
what to do.

I found an old knob.dll so that the knobs might load for windows
users. the knob I used is from flatspace which is not included with
current (well the last time I checked) Pure Data packages. I found
that IEMlib was once included with pdextended.

Also fixed all that stuff that you have to click on before you can get a sound.

I'm thinking one more fix and then I'll upload the fixes and get back
to some sort of guide.

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