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> On 28/09/12 11:38, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
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>>>  From: Simon Wise<simonzwise at gmail.com>
>>>>    And who is this mythical user that looks to the Debian 
> repositories
>>>>    to figure out how to do something in a programming language?
>>>>    (Hm, I'm not getting audio output, let's open up Synaptic 
> and
>>>  search
>>>>    20,000 mostly non-related packages for a solution...)
>>>  they are at all not mythical, though not as numerous as those using 
> apple,
>>>  windows or a pre-assembled linux distribution.
>>  That's not what I'm talking about.
>>  I'm referring to what Hans wrote:
>>>  For me, apt-get install pd-arraysize is far easier than trying to
>>       remember that [expr] trick.  And thankfully we can write externals,
>>       so we can have choice. :-)
> exactly ...

Not exactly-- you were referring to using the Debian packaging
system in a general sense to find packages, and you were saying that
calling someone who uses it a mythical user is not inaccurate.
But that's not what I wrote-- I'm referring to using the Debian packaging
system to figure out how to solve a specific problem in the programming
language, and that's not what the packaging system is for.

Anyway, it's easier to not install something than it is to install something.
And it's a false choice between installing an external and memorizing
the help patch for expr.  But I think Hans is making that false choice
because my revision of expr-help.pd, which has a comprehensive list
of the expr operators, doesn't come up when you right-click expr.

Hans: what do I need to do to get the PDDP help patchs for the expr
family to show up on right-clicking "Help"?


>>>  certainly not the typical pd user, but also certainly not a mythical 
> one either,
>>>  and since the work done for such a package is by one or other such user 
> then
>>>  that seems very reasonable to me.
>>>  Simon
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