[PD] Font usage in vanilla

Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 13:55:08 CEST 2012

Hey all,

I'm kinda stuck...

I want to add a font (linux-libertine) for use in Pd vanilla, specifically
for use with [cnv], and I'm not sure how to add it in.

I've done this:

julian at brooks:~/Desktop$ fc-match mono
//suggested from here:
which gives this
DejaVuSansMono.ttf: "DejaVu Sans Mono" "Book"

Which seems to be saying there's only one font available?!? Whereas I know
this isn't the case as I can access 3 different fonts from within [cnv]

I've also added the startup flag:
-font-face "Libertine(and other such name variations)" where pd then seems
to be looking for a 'Mono' folder?  There wasn't one anywhere and after
making one and putting the font inside still no joy.

Pah - very confused.

Noticeably in the notes for the most recent Libertine they have added a
mono version so I'm presuming (dangerously) that "LinLibertine_M.otf" (no
M_ttf available from sourceforge) is the one I'm after.

So a few questions here I guess:
1. How can I change vanillas font
2. How and where does Pd do that
3. Does it have to be a mono .ttf
4. Can I see a list of available fonts
5. Anyone else making use of the lovely looking Libertine font?????

Pd 0.43.2 - Debian Sid/Wheezy

Many thanks in advance,

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