[PD] stereo difference?

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I'm no expert, but sounds like Mid-Sides could give you what you need, no? then you can get rid of the Mid and voilà : sides.There are plenty of tutorials on how to do that.
Or no?
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oops, sorry about the double reply Joe, i forgot 'reply to all'

to turn a stereo signal into a mono one, yes it's L+R..but that's not what i wanted to do.  I wanted to take ONLY the parts of a stereo mix which lie right in the middle.  It would be basically the inverse of a stereo difference effect.  

To put it another way, Stereo difference removes those parts of the mix which are panned dead center.  What i want to do is leave those parts, and then remove anything that isn't panned dead center.

At first, i thought it would be as simple as just subtracting the stereo difference signal from the original mix.  But when i actually tried it, it didn't work, and then also when i worked it out logically on paper, i realized that it's impossible just with simple arithmetic.  

My best guess, is that you could FFT the stereo difference signal to get it's spectral profile, and then subtract that from the original mix.  Might give it a go some time.

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