[PD] rjdj is gone, robotcowboy is coming ...

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> >thanks for that excellent information Simon! very descriptive.
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> >i am partially wondering about this myself because there are a few
> developers out there using PD/libpd as a sound engine for games, and one
> obstacle encountered is that it is not possible to use pd-extended under
> libpd because of the issues copyleft/GPL presents when creating iOS apps.
> I'd just like to point out here that the common denominator in these
> threads about expr license, GPL, etc., is the
> iOS.
> Do these issues crop up with Android?  If not, can we just say that
> running Pd on the extremely
> restrictive, locked down devices made by Apple means that you should stick
> to 3-Clause BSD or
> MIT licensed code?
> > i am personally in favor of open source/copyleft myself, but it is a
> significant issue. i for one would love to see the cyclone library (both
> audio and data objects) ported under a different license - is this just a
> matter of recompiling from source independently, or should i get permission
> from the maintainer (i think it's HC, right?) to do so?
> Cyclone has the 3-Clause BSD license which is the same as Pd Vanilla.
> -Jonathan
wow- i did not know that PD-vanilla was BSD and not GPL. as for cyclone, i
never checked the license before so that is excellent news. does this mean
then that if you use libpd and cyclone you can theoretically get it on the
App Store as it is now, or would you have to compile from source for it to
run on iOS? my gut says you'd have to recompile (make) because iOS devices
are ARM based, not X86 based.

i apologize in advance if i'm seeming dense about this. i'm not a
programmer, and i've been getting a lot of conflicting information about
running any of pd-extended at all in libpd and being able to sell on the
iOS App Store. literally until this moment the only external i knew that
would run is expr~, based on everything i've read so far, so this is very
helpful information, at least for me anyway.

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