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> thanks for that excellent information Simon! very descriptive. 
> i am partially wondering about this myself because there are a few developers out there using PD/libpd as a sound engine for games, and one obstacle encountered is that it is not possible to use pd-extended under libpd because of the issues copyleft/GPL presents when creating iOS apps. i am personally in favor of open source/copyleft myself, but it is a significant issue. i for one would love to see the cyclone library (both audio and data objects) ported under a different license - is this just a matter of recompiling from source independently, or should i get permission from the maintainer (i think it's HC, right?) to do so?

I prefer the GPL myself, however it's not compatible with iOS. My opinion so far, is that the iPad is the best hardware for what I need, so I've chosen to work with that for now. Once the OpenFrameworks ARM port is working much better, I have the option of going Beagle/Raspberry PI.

> BTW i think Robotcowboy looks great, although i was also curious where Chris M's PdParty (iOS version of DroidParty) alpha port went.

The code is still there on Github. I decided last fall, that I was spending too much time on that as a narrow exercise and really needed to get the app going on a larger scale. My plan is to reintegrate that back into the rc app, so guis in a scene's _main.pd will show up on the screen. This way, the app can be used for graphics, graphics+pd, or pd only. As I said before, I want a flexible workflow and using the pd guis for an audio only scene is a great option.

Development is going hand in hand with work on my artistic thesis at the same time: a live a/v show about going to Mars. Updates may be slow in coming for a little while. The intent, however, is to use the app for the live show and song making, so I definitely have deadlines ...


Mars One Way

NASA and commercial space companies are working towards sending humans to Mars by the 2030s. In fact, the Mars One project states that by utilizing existing technology, we could send colonists to the Earth’s red neighbor in 2023 ... albeit on a one way trip. Half the equipment, half the fuel, half the cost for a human settlement without a return option.

Would you go?

Mars One Way is a live, audio visual show which explores this question through a figurative journey to Mars and subsequent colonization: from training, liftoff, the 3 months to Mars, landing, and colonization. Based on hard science fiction and current/future NASA and commercial space plans, the show is meant to both educate and entertain, while posing large questions into the nature of human colonization and it’s inherent risks and rewards.

Dan Wilcox

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