[PD] Updated Resources for Miller's "Intro" Videos

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Mon Nov 5 08:05:57 CET 2012

All 20 of the  Miller Puckette's "Intro to Computer Music ..." video
transcripts are now updated,  with accurate time-codes more suitable for
translation and/or use as subtitles augmenting the Intro videos. The
formats  of the transcripts available are:

  -- .txt :  English original text, with 15sec time-codes embedded

  -- .doc:  Table format with time-codes duplicated, for interlinear(synched)

  -- .html   Table format with time-codes duplicated, for


2) These English versions, the "best edited" available for now,  are at:


3)  Added now to the URL are some very rough translation *examples* of
     complete lectures:
          Russian (1,10), Spanish(10), French(10) and German(10).

     These are machine/automatic translations with pervasive, systemic
     mistakes, but they are certainly intelligible. So they may useful, on a
     temporary basis, or as editable starting-points for real, human
     to work with. (Time-codes are preserved as well in these rough
     translations.)    If there is interest,  some of the "rough
translation" sets
     could be filled out, at least some languages, to completely to cover
all 20

4) It would be worth knowing if there are other languages where people
    would find these sorts of resources  helpful and/or if additional rough-
    translations in other languages should be added to the page.


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