[PD] Licensing issues (was rjdj is gone, robotcowboy is coming ...)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Nov 5 09:13:31 CET 2012

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On 2012-11-04 14:40, Ed Kelly wrote:
> My 2pence worth: Miller's original Pd was licensed to MAX and
> became MSP (oh, the irony) and this could only happen because Pd is
> BSD (not GPL) licensed distribution.

where is the irony?
cycling74 did *not* steal any code.

> 1) re-license my own library of externals ekext to BSD license. 2)
> code new externals [...]. This code was released BSD.

btw, you don't need to do this, in order to be able to circumvent the
GPL-clauses of iOS.
if you are the copyright holder of the code, you can simply release
your code under a dual license, e.g. under GPL and under some
proprietary "all rights reserved" EULA thing.
iOS would only ever see the "all rights reserved" part.

this will only work if you are the only copyright holder of the code
or have the agreement of all other copyright holders  to change the
the same however is true, if you change the license from GPL to BSD3.
i'm sure you did check with all those people that contributed to ekext
in the past....

the drawback here is that *other* people cannot use your code for
building their own iOS applications. you could however re-license the
code to those people explicitely (so the awareness on apple's license
politics raises)

the pro of dual-licensing is, that the code will still be available
under GPL and enforce GPL in the majority of cases (that is: non-iOS)

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