[PD] Issue with [shell] and jack_connect/disconnect

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Thu Nov 8 08:37:40 CET 2012

Are you using exit 0 at the end of your shell script (assuming it is a

I’ve also encountered some funny things with [shell] but in a bit more
convoluted scenario and am curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are.
Namely, I am using a shell script to perfectly pair wiimotes, so a [shell]
object spits out a message “connect <MAC ADDRESS>” that is sent forward to
disis_wiimote object (this component of the external is very similar to
regular wiimote object except for the fact that disis_wiimote is
multithreaded). This works *perfectly* when using regular pd-l2ork. But when
running pd-l2ork through gdb (in hope of hunting down those sporadic and
elusive segfaults), the connection fails whenever the message is passed from
shell. If it is passed from a regular message inside gdb it works fine but
when it is coming out of [shell] it fails (by fails I mean the connection
immediately fails with the external reporting inability to find a wiimote,
while pd-l2ork remains stable and operational). Valgrind does not have this
problem but it in turn kills jackd due to incredibly slow start-up...

Any thoughts?

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hi all,

I'm trying to use the [shell] object to automate JACK connections
under Linux by calling jack_connect or jack_disconnect. While this works at
first, it seems that the ultimate result is that pd spawns a number of
processes that remain in the background, and very soon jack_connect simply
stops responding. Has anyone experienced a similar issue, or can anyone
suggest an alternative to [shell] for this purpose?



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