[PD] bi-directional OSC over TCP from liblo

Jamie Bullock jamie at jamiebullock.com
Fri Nov 9 14:51:30 CET 2012

Hi all,

Apologies for the rather esoteric question.

I'm trying to send OSC to/from Pd over TCP using the liblo OSC library and the mrpeach/ OSC externals [tcpserver], [packOSCstream] and [unpackOSCstream]. I've attached my testing patch.

I am able to connect to [tcpserver] from liblo, and receive raw bytes. However, [unpackOSCstream] seems unable to unpack the data. It just outputs nothing for the bytes received.

Likewise, if I send to liblo from [tcpserver] using the |client( selector, liblo crashes with the message "error? message too short?".

So, it seems like [packOSCstream] and [unpackOSCstream] are (un)packing message in a format that can't be used with external clients/servers. Is that correct?

Has anyone else managed bi-directional communication using OSC over TCP with an external application?



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