[PD] [OT] Pecha Kucha Night Rio - Tecnomacumba sounds

Leandro da Mota Damasceno lemota at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 16:32:43 CET 2012

Hi everyone!

This is kind of farfetched but on november 27th we will be having the first
Pecha Kucha Night Rio at Studio-X. This first event is aimed to bring
together creative people from the technology field and will be part of
whole line of events that Gambiarra, the collective I am part of, will be
producing next year.

For this first PKN, the theme will be "Tecnomacumba contra o Exu da
Ignorância". That´s really tricky to translate and that is kind of the
point. "Macumba" is the word we use to refer to magical rites of the
african-brazilian religions. And "exu" is a middle-level spirit that hasn´t
evolved yet, so it has to help people out in order to grow. Some exus were
not baptized in life, so they are pagan exus and do not follow that path.
The fictional "ignorance exu" is of that kind.

So, the night will be with people talking about their initiative to make
magic with computers and empowering people.

I would like to invite everyone who will be in Rio for that event.

I would also love to have someone who has a work related to the
"tecnomacumba" concept on PD at the event. Is there anyone?



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