[PD] ANN: pd-l2ork 20121019 stable candidate now available

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Nov 10 11:33:09 CET 2012

On 11/09/2012 10:44 PM, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
>> Aww, just imagine how bad to be stuck with 2.11! :oP
>> http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libc-bin
>> Btw, I don't see 2.15 anywhere on Debian:
>> http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=libc-bin
> That's because it's not available for Debian Squeeze or Wheezy.  It might be
> on Debian expiremental or whatever they call the one that's pretty much

btw, the above link gives _all official_ debian packages, including 
those in experiemntal.


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