[PD] Resolved : Problem with alsa and command line option -nogui

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>On 11/09/2012 08:50 AM, Jack wrote:
>>Have a look at the patch attached.
This, however, only works after one has explicitly started dsp. What about querying pd if one has already toggled dsp on before opening the patch? I thought that pddp dsp abstraction detected this but to this day I still fail to understand why that works...

It works by sleight of hand.  When a user tests [pddp/dsp] the first thing they are likely to do is
click it on and off a few times, which changes Pd's dsp state to reflect the state of pddp/dsp.  Now
that they're synced, the user creates another [pddp/dsp] instance, and sure enough the two
instances of the abstraction stay synchronized with Pd's big "DSP" indicator.  But can pddp/dsp
also _listen_ to Pd for dsp status?  The user toggles the big "DSP" indicator, and sure enough
the status of pddp/dsp changes accordingly.

Nonetheless, the first pddp/dsp only has a 50/50 chance of being correct when it opens because it
doesn't query actually Pd's dsp status.  But the moment the user clicks either the big "DSP" indicator
or pddp/dsp, they are in sync again so it's easy to overlook this.

One hack is [sig~ 1]--[snapshot~], which on load should give you a 0 for off and 1 for on.  (Assuming
you're not inside a patch that has an evil demon [switch~] whose goal is to fool you.)


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