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On Nov 11, 2012, at 3:35 PM, Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika at yahoo.com> wrote:

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>> This is great. Just what we need for students getting into pd etc. Great work.
>> Some feedback:
>>  - Can you make the breadcrumb nav links stand out a bit more? I didn't see them at first and was looking for a back button.
> Here's a revision that keeps them static in a different text widget above the main one:
> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=3585469&group_id=55736&atid=478072
> Does that help?

Yeah that's better, although I would replace the '-' chars with more of an arrow like '>' or a '/' just so the navigation is more more obvious.

Also, I noticed if you bounce back and forth, the breadcrumbs don't observe overall dir depth, but add on to themselves. IE if you go into the External libraries folder, click on apple, then click on External libraries on the breadcrumbs, it duplicates itself yielding:

Home - External libraries - apple - External libraries

Dan Wilcox

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