[PD] pd-l2ork 20121112 beta 2 snapshot now available including experimental deb -- please test and provide feedback

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Tue Nov 13 21:53:32 CET 2012


Latest beta 2 version squashes a highly sporadic bug in l2ork version of
cwiid library, improvements to the K12 module, and perhaps most notably
introduction of a completely rewritten tidy (clean-up) functionality,
usability improvements (e.g. when connecting objects that are so far apart
that they are not visible on the same screen the canvas focus follows cursor
and connection cord; consistent positioning of iemgui objects; autopatching
improvements; etc.), as well as improved automated compiler from source (see
pure-data/l2ork_addons/tar_em_up.sh in the dev tarball). For a detailed list
of improvements, please consult  pd-l2ork's git project page.

This is also the first release of the .deb format. It is currently generated
in a way that clashes with other forms of pd so please be aware of that (in
other words installing pd-l2ork requires uninstalling of
pure-data/pd-extended due to some shared files). Also, everything has been
compiled on Ubuntu 12.04 which has caused some grief to those who run Debian
systems that do not ship (yet) with glibc 2.15.  Even if you are running
Debian, I would still appreciate it if you would test the .deb to see if it
dpkg will detect the lack of glibc 2.15 prior to trying to install it, as
well as to check if all the supporting libraries are also appropriately
installed. That said, *PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THE DEB* since this is the
first one I ever made of pd-l2ork and as such I am not sure how it will
behave and/or whether it will work at all. So, if you are interested in
experimenting with .deb files I would advise doing so on a non-production
system. All that said, the deb worked fine on my end (Ubuntu 12.04).

As usual, regular binary builds are also available.

I'd appreciate feedback on the said builds. Please include as much info as
possible, including distro/version/32 vs 64bit/problem and how it manifests
itself, etc.

You can get pd-l2ork from the usual place:



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