[PD] Massive Multichannel system

Peter P. p8rpp at aol.com
Thu Nov 15 14:54:59 CET 2012

* Fabio Kaiser <faboile14 at gmail.com> [2012-11-14 16:33]:
> Hi, 
> I want to build an computer audio mixing/processing system based on PD. My questions are mainly concerned with the stability and reliability of the system. 
> So what do I need to do to make a software design in PD stable?  [...]
[trigger] objects mainly.

> What do you recommend?
> - System? I thought Linux Debian. 
Seems to work yep.

> - Soundcard. RME MADI and the corresponding Linix driver seems to be a good choice.

> - Configuration of PD? Are there some tricks to make PD rock-steady?
none of these are fireproof. Some ppl prefer to run gui and dsp as two
separate instances of Pd, communicating over network with each other.

> - Software design? What should I keep in mind when programming? 
I'd say pretty much the same things as with any software project.

> - Long-term stability? This system should work on demand and for a long time. Maybe shutting down the system should not be possible for the user!?
It will eventually be shut down through any unforeseen event. Make
sure the OS boots up despite possible disk errors, and correctly
initializes itself.

> - Does PD actually do multicore processing? 
through [pd~] this is possible. I don't know how much you will gain by
doing so compared to the added complexity/(in)stability.

best, Peter

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