[PD] mp3 (layerII) or .wav/.aif stereo player!

Patrice Colet colet.patrice at free.fr
Fri Nov 23 12:03:33 CET 2012

> De: "Björn Eriksson" <miulew at gmail.com>

> Soundwise we all know wave and aiff sounds better, but I am a bit
> surprised this seems to be a so complicated and sensitive issue
> about having pd play a compressed sound file with some ease. Maybe
> this has been discussed over the years over and over,so forgive me
> if this already stated somewhere about these things.

There are plenty of compressed formats so it implies a lot of different libraries,
and fortunately almost all is handled by gmerlin and then [readanysf~] external,
at the same time this external couldn't seek lossless formats like wav or flac...

I remember once a discussion about this topic where I proposed a solution using command lines
for the converting process, this is rather fast following the computer it's working on.

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