[PD] can i bypass comport?

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greetings all.

recently, i have outgrown the xbee wireless trancievers i had been using,
based on their ease of use.  i have switched over to roving networks
"RN-XV" wifi trancievers and interface 3 of them to a wireless router
running dd-wrt.  in windows, i use a trial commercial software called
"Serial/ip" which allows you to select serialport numbers and route tcp
streams into them as if they were regular serial ports.  this
works...kinda.  the onsceen sensor feedback in PD is laggy and sketchy and
very unstable but the redeeming qualty is that if i do a program change or
or some thing that is supposed to go from the wireless system--->
puredata---->back to the wireless system, like lights, it is instant!  so i
feel that if i can get everything to work at this level, the system will be
wonderful to play, less expensive and more robust.

but the serial connection is the hold up and the bottle neck.  other serial
reidrectors/or vsp's on windows, are wierd and are not made for realtime
musical performance.  in linux i am a complete noob and i toy with it for a
week, get frustrated and go back to windows; BUT, i am very willing to put
in the effort if i can find a way to  either:

1. find an existing tcp to serial connection software that is open (so i
can share it with the code), robust and fast, even if there is a learning

2. bypass comport since that "seems" to be the object that explicitly
wanting a serial connection.  i was thinking that maybe i can dump it
straight from the tcp connection into the arduino object but after where
the comport object is situated in the dataflow of the patch.

I am fully aware that i may not even be asking the right questions
even...thats how little i know about this subject right now.  the goal is
to dump the firmata formatted data from the 3 arduinos that make up my
instrument, into pd in a stable, fast elegant manner.

Any insight is appreciated because now i have gotten rid of the xbees and
am fully commited to this wifi trajectory ( i do stuff like that or i'd
never let go of the "sure/working" thing for the "would be cool if i
invested the time/energy" thing). i think these wifi trancievers will
MURDER the xbee's once they are configured right.  i am the bottleneck in
this regard.



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