[PD] Limit bandwith for MIDI output / precise metro

Jean-Marie Adrien jma at jeanmarie-adrien.net
Mon Nov 26 15:35:41 CET 2012

Hi list
Im trying to cope with the MOTU Micro lite USB Midi driver under OsX Mountain Lyon. 
The stacking process of the driver is weird, means data are totally corrupted if they arrive too quickly to the interface, which does not happen with OsX Lyon, although MOTU announces full compatibility with OsX ML, anyway.

I'm trying to make my own fifo from within PD, and, in this process, at some point I have  to dump values out of the stack at "regular" time intervals. The straightforward implementation uses a metronome object, say with period 10 msec.

The problem is that the metronome object is not precise enough, and it bangs erratically with time intervals within 0 to 20 msec, as measured with the (realtime) object, and this screws again the midi interface (everything else normal, dsp 10%).

Is there an academic way to get a steady flux of bangs with short period ? 
Delay ? 
Hack some audio for control purposes ? (use a phasor~ ? :)

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