[PD] Technical Agenda invitation: "Geeks Peek" warmup for Dec 7 Pd+RPi Box Lunch at SDSC

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Thu Nov 29 23:27:17 CET 2012

This is an open invitation for people in the Pd community who have
interest in the potential of Pd+Raspberry_Pi .  (Others can pass by now in
serenity hopefully.)

On December 7 at the San Diego Supercomputer Center there will be a
Pd+RaspberryPi Box Lunch event.  This is the second in what will likely be
a national (international) series introducing all sorts and ages of
people, and their friends and families, to Pd (and to computing sung
large) via the Raspberry Pi.
It seems impossible to talk about Pd except to talk about the Pd community
and involve that community as well.

On Thu December 6, as a warmup to the Box Lunch next day, we will be
having a "Geeks Peek" event targeted to those who will be developing
hardware and software for the Pd_RPi environment.  I believe that the
attendees will include Miller, Gi Vania, SDSC illuminati and so on.

So what?
1) You are cordially invited to submit "technical items and issues" for
Pd_RPi that you yourself are working on and/or which you feel deserve the
attention of those geek-likes who have the talent to make progress in
these sorts of technical areas. (I would not restrict your imagination,
but I'll just say that cheap homemade mics, samizdat video, or GPIO
free-for-all are things that would not be "off topic.")   If you think in
terms of what would make PdRPi  into a universal crayons-set, rather than
as your beloved art museum or BMW, you're on the right track.  If you
believe as I do that it isn't possible
to understand Pd without understanding the Pd community, you're on the

        Send your items to me directly if you like and/or send ideas to
pd-list if no one seems to be complaining.  In any case, there
will be a web page built up before Dec 6 where this "do it
yourself geeks agenda" is collected and presented.

2) I cannot guarantee, but we have tested ustream from random venues, and
I would hope there would at least be a bit of "discussion  corner" created
on December 6 and 7 where folks from Pd-land could drop in virtually,
catch a bit of conversation and/or leave a comment etc. via ustream.  No
guarantees on ustream connectivity quite yet, though, for either Thu or
Fri events.

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