[PD] graph on parent problem?

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 23:20:22 CET 2012

wel... I've been reporting similar issues, and it's getting worse with 043
versions. Definetly something worth debugging.


> I have an array in a subpatch, when I applied graph-on-parent property to
> the subpatch (to view the array which holds sound so could be fairly
> large) Pd didn't like that. With dsp off it worked fine but when I turn
> dsp on Pd becames unusably slow to react (sliders, etc.). I was able to
> solve the problem by removing the graph-on-parent option. So it seems
> there is something in the interaction of graph-on-parent and the sound
> engine.
> this is on a planetCCRMA system: FC17 PD0.42-5extended
> Anyone else encounter such a problem? Any solution (beside moving things
> outside subpatches)?
> Thanks
> Oded
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