[PD] Gradual increase/decrease of a number?

Sebastian Valenzuela svalenzuelamusic at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 10:27:08 CET 2012

Good morning,

I am trying to come up with an object that will gradually increase/decrease
a given number while it is ON, and stop/reset this speed of
increase/decrease when it is turned OFF. This action will happen when I
hold down a button/key, and I've been able to do this at a consistent speed
by turning on/off [metro], but now i need to gradually change metro.

I'm interested in trying this out using the formulas that create different
Bezier curves and such... - in other words, something that starts slow, and
gradually increases the rate of change. But I don't know much about how to
build these different curves.

Could anyone help me out please?

Thank you for your time,
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