[PD] GUI overload

Ivica Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sun Dec 16 19:04:58 CET 2012

Without seeing the patch this may be tricky to diagnose. If I had to guess,
I would say you are redundantly updating something too quickly.

FWIW, in pd-l2ork k12 mode every object is a gop abstraction with many
having live gui components. Even with dozens of such abstractions (I've
seen as many as 50ish) and high rate of metros on a measly netbook, there
were no problems...
On Dec 16, 2012 8:49 AM, "Ed Kelly" <morph_2016 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I'm not going to say whether this is a "recurrent" problem as it's hard to
> say whether the rewrite of the GUI has affected it...
> I'm using a lot of abstractions with larger GOP or non-GOP GUIs, and I
> find the following problem occurs. There comes a point where the GUI
> objects stop responding in a patch when it is reloaded. I am wondering if
> there is a specific limit to GUI objects that could be changed. I think Pd
> is making some kind of decision that "there's too much of this stuff - I'm
> gonna prioritize the audio and not worry about it" and I'd like to know how
> or if it is possible to control this process from within Pd, or by setting
> flags on the command line.
> I'm also making less GUI intensive versions for performance time, since
> the really big GUI patches are often pattern-sequencers which I will not
> want to program when I am performing. Example patch enclosed to give you an
> idea. The really GUI-intensive objects are the trackers, especially
> quadtracker (which I think has pushed the GUI of Pd patches about as far as
> I can go now).
> System: quad core i5 PC running Ubuntu (10.04 Lucid), Pd-0.43-4, lots of
> externals compiled and loaded.
> Warm wishes,
> Ed
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