[PD] Plugins-plugin bug

Pierre-Olivier Boulant po.boulant at free.fr
Thu Dec 27 22:43:11 CET 2012

On 27/12/2012 22:13, András Murányi wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 8:26 PM, Pierre-Olivier Boulant 
> <po.boulant at free.fr <mailto:po.boulant at free.fr>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I have a weird plug-in list in the plug-ins management window. It
>     looks like the content (list of items with check box and info
>     button) is not centred properly. The content is centred on the top
>     left hand corner of the window and not the centre of the actual
>     window. I can just see a quarter of the content window.
>     Using the plugins-plugin version alpha 0.1.20120518 on the latest
>     version of Pd-ext 0.43.4 on Windows 7 (64bits)
>     Cheers
>     Pierre-Olivier
> Hello Pierre-Olivier,
> and thanks for the report. I cannot reproduce this so I'd like to ask 
> you to attach a screenshot, maybe it helps to find out what's going on.
> András

Hi András

Sorry I can't send you a screen shot any more! It works once again.

I had checked multiple times before sending the email this is what I did 
concerning the plug-in. Maybe there's a clue to be found there.

I had overwritten a previous version of the plug-in after updating Pd 
extended to the latest version.
I started Pd and when I went to the plug-in "manager" I had that bug. I 
checked several times after restarting Pd several times as well.

Eventually I trashed the plug-in from the C:\program files (x86)\common 
I have restated Pd in the meantime.

When I got your email I copied the plugins-plugin.tcl back in that 
folder and I just restarted Pd. I went to the plug-in manager and this 
time it worked fine. I suppose restarting without the plug-in must have 
fixed things.

Basically the bug was that the plug-in window was the regular size with 
the close button in the right place, but the content, that is the list 
of plug-ins with the check boxes and info button, was cut off. I had 
only the top left hand side quarter of the plug-in window box filled 
with the bottom right hand quarter of the list display. As if the list 
was centred on the top left hand corner of the window.

This is the best I can say.
If it should come back I'll send you an update.


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