[PD] Raspberry Pi - Audio in and out, low latency

Pierre Massat pimassat at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 21:23:51 CET 2013

Dear list, dear Miller,

I tried Pd on a fresh Raspbian install today. I removed pulseaudio as you
suggested. I installed Pd from the Raspbian repos (not your version).
I tried it with my USB E-MU 0404 soundcard. It worked right away. No need
to slow down the USB.
I tried with a latency in Pd of 10 ms, in X, connected to the internet, and
there was very little dropouts.
This is so promising it's scary.

Now i have one very frustrating problem : i don't know how to choose my
soundcard from the command line when starting Pd...
It shows up as Card 1, device 0 when i do "aplay -l", but i don't know how
to use this information.


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