[PD] Path issue with Pd-extended 0.43.4 on Win7 x64

Randall Alley irissky2 at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 4 19:31:47 CET 2013

Hi all, and thanks for the great work on Pd 0.43.4 !

I'm somewhat new to Pd, and am still learning how to get around, but I'm 
having a problem which I've seen mentioned by others, so  I thought I'd 
report the issue.

After installing 0.43.4 using the Windows installer, and launching Pd, I 
see the following error in the log window (log level 4):

Cannot read plugins folder: 'D:/Program Files (x86)/pd/%SystemRoot%/Fonts'
Cannot read plugins folder: 'C:/Users/rga/Application Data/'

I have confirmed that the Windows 'junction' that redirects /Application 
Data/ references to c:/Users/rga/AppData/Roaming/ is present and seems 
to be working normally.

I understand that to add a library on load, I should be able to drop it 
into /AppData/Roaming/Pd, where it should be found and loaded. This is 
not working.

I did create a directory /AppData/Roaming/Pd, but that didn't help.

Until this is fixed, can I load a library, in particular 
Model_Object_Library, in another way, or manually ?

By the way, this problem was encountered by a more knowledgeable user 
regarding 0.43.1 Pd-extended back in April of 2012:

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks !

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