[PD] GUI abstraction issues

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 06:02:02 CET 2013

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>Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2013 9:09 PM
>Subject: Re: [PD] GUI abstraction issues
>Very helpful!! 

No problem.  But it occurs to me that in all the
standard documentation that text is only
for the names of the methods accepted by
that inlet. There probably needs to be a
separate place to specify text for the
description of the inlet as well.  I'll try to think
of an easy way to make that distinction
possible in the [pd META] patch.

That doesn't really affect your use case,
but general purpose abstractions and
externals should probably stick to method
names there.

Btw-- you can also use "DESCRIPTION foo bar"
to display "foo bar" in the tooltip when mousing
over the abstraction itself.


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