[PD] pd 0.44 vanilla build process

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 03:55:04 CET 2013

     Can someone tell me how I'm supposed to rebuild Pd vanilla
in 0.44?

Build 0.43 and before:
1) cd src
2) ./configure
3) make

Run 0.43 and before without installing:
cd src && ./pd

Selectively recompile the source file I'm revising:


Build 0.44
1) ./autogen.sh
2) ./configure
3) make
4) cp src/pd . && cp src/pd-watchdog bin/

Run 0.44:

Selectively recompile 0.44:
if I try "make", then "cp src/pd . && cp src/pd-watchdog bin/"
my changes aren't reflected even though I watched all the recompilation
messages to the console without any errors

the only way I can recompile is "make clean", then "make"
which is obviously quite annoying.

Any suggestions?
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