[PD] Drawing a sine function dynamically in Gem

Cyrille Henry ch at chnry.net
Wed Apr 3 11:59:31 CEST 2013


you have lot's of solution to draw a sinus curve in Gem.

the easiest would be to use scopeXYZ, but you'll have to do the sin in audio signal.

the most efficient is to use gemvertexbuffer to draw a line between points specified in table.

the fastest to code is to use repeat/separator/curve 2 in order to draw many lines

you can also do like in openGL : using GEMglBegin, GEMglVextex (many of them thanks to an iterative loop), and GEMglEnd

you can also do that in shader, but that would be to much complexity for this.

and you can certainly find other way to do that, but i think i cover the most used.

Le 02/04/2013 23:18, Alexandros Drymonitis a écrit :
> I want to build this visual http://processing.org/learning/trig/ in Pd, but I want the sine curve to be drawn dynamically with every circle spin. It seems quite hard though.
> I don't know which object would be best. I tried either [curve] but the parameters are way too many and I'm not sure if precision is really possible. Then I tried [square 0.008] in combination with [repeat] but also doesn't work.
> Anyone knows how to do this?
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