[PD] Sensors GPIO Raspberry Pi Pd

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Sun Apr 7 17:26:26 CEST 2013

On 2013-04-07 04:30, Julian Brooks wrote:
> Also got a voltage transformer that works with i2c as the rpi is 3.5v
> and sensors 5v.

You can use the 5V from the GPIO header on the pi. From the schematic 
pin 2 is 5V. Ground is on pin 6. Pin 3 is the i2c data and pin 5 is the 
clock. Pullup resistors are already installed on those lines.


> We have 2 sensors so we need to figure out how to set the 7bit addresses.
> Also that the data bit width is 8 - so I'm confused as to what the 35
> bytes are and where they come from?

You can't set the addresses. The only way to have two devices with the 
same address would be to gate the clock using another GPIO pin to 
control a chip like the CD4051 analog multiplexer so that only one of 
the sensors receives the clock signal.


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