[PD] [jackd] no-self-connect patch to prevent pd auto-connect to jackd

Raphael Raccuia rafael.raccuia at blindekinder.com
Mon Apr 15 12:34:50 CEST 2013

for info:
For those who doesn't want pd auto-connect to jack (for use with 
qjackctl patchbay or ladish), there is the "no-self-connect" patch from 
Nedko Arnaudov (for jack2). Check if the package from your distro 
compile jack with it, or you'll have to compile yourself (git branch or 
download it):

related feature request:

KXstudio (or just kxstudio repositories), implement it inthe great jack 
manager Cadence: you can choose to prevent apps self connecting to 
system ports, or to any ports.

you can then use pd with ladish, (add an app with command "pd-extended", 
followed by the path and file name you need to open). All your 
connections will be saved and no need to disconnectall first.

enjoy it
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