[PD] batteries for audio cards

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Fri Apr 26 17:54:10 CEST 2013

Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
> hey folks, anyone have recomendations for battery packs for audio cards?
> wanna try some stuff going mobile, anybody doing that? Looking for some
> high capacity for my multiface/RME (takes 9-.12V, 2A)

If it can take up to 13.4V (it's likely there's a voltage regulator
inside), you can try Lead Acid batteries, like in motorcycles. Very
cheap, but can be heavy.

On the light side, but super expensive, you can try mini model battery
packs, like for RC model planes. 3 cells batteries will give you 11.1
volts, 4 cells batteries will give you 14.8 volts.

These will give you about 2 hours :

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