[PD] direct connection from pd to webrowser, low latency

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Sun Apr 28 19:49:52 CEST 2013

>I recently worked a on a project where we wrote a custom OSC Android app
>that sent control data to the patch and an app called SoundWire that
>received audio on the phone and ran in the background. All communication
>was over a WiFi network we setup. Latency did obviously exist but it was
>The audio server app runs on Linux and Windows (no OSX unfortunately)
>and can have multiple devices connected to it.

>I'd be happy to share more details if required.

yes please! that sounds perfect.  i mainly need to know to bit that serves
up the audio at low latencies.  ive got the icecast server stuff working
wirelessly to multiple devices but the latency is killing me (10-5 sec).
would it be possible to use your server directly to the browser?
 currently, i simply need a low latency stereo audio instance to come on
when they log into my network.  that is it (for now)  i have alot of other
things i want to build around it, but i really need to know

1. what format does pd need to output to useful to...
2. a way to serve said audio out from my wireless router
3. instant sound output as soon as they login.

so far, i have investigated web audio api and just started digging into the
idea of feeding the audio feed as a data dump so i can at least see that it
is transmitting anything-garbage-to the browser, then i can figure out how
to deal with it after that is sorted.  i am playing with netsend~ right now
with mixed results (server connection issues).  any insight is much

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