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philippe boisnard philemon1 at mac.com
Sun May 5 11:03:35 CEST 2013


an example to create html/svg from pd

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Le 5 mai 2013 à 10:53, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :

> Used can2svg from Mats Bengtsson and got a nice result.  You can open it in a browser, zoom it, select text.  It's about 3x larger than pd file.  Probably wouldn't be too difficult to parse and turn most of the pddplinks into real links.
> What happened to pdpedia?  If it's still around maybe I can script this to do all the pd-ext help files and make a nice online resource.  It'd probably be more powerful to parse pd files directly to svg but that's a bigger project.
> -Jonathan
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>> Sent: Friday, May 3, 2013 1:40 PM
>> Subject: [PD] pd -> svg
>> A few points:
>> * you can open svg in a browser
>> * you can _zoom_ svg in a browser for decent results (it's a vector drawing)
>> * in safari you can select text in an svg (but not Firefox because of a bug, 
>> although you can stil <ctrl-c> it)
>> * much (but not all) of tk canvas has corresponding drawing instructions in 
>> svg.  unless i'm missing something the subset of tk canvas commands used by 
>> Pd all have corresponding instructions in svg
>> Here's what I want to do (in Debian Wheezy):
>> 1) Open pd-extended
>> 2) Create new patch
>> 3) Create [f]
>> 4) Right click to open up float-help.pd (PDDP revised version)
>> 5) Click print and save to test.ps
>> 6) in cli type:
>> pstoedit -f plot-svg test.ps test.svg
>> But I get this error:
>> **** Warning: glyf overlaps cmap, truncating.
>> Anyone know what this means?  It ends up cropping the top and bottom of the 
>> patch.  Google search for the error doesn't help much.
>> In the future it'd probably be better to parse a *.pd file directly to 
>> convert to svg, but if I can convert a ps to svg like this I think I can script 
>> it and get some nice looking online searchable documentation with very little 
>> work. :)
>> -Jonathan
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