[PD] pmpd // call for English translation help

Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Fri May 10 12:07:23 CEST 2013


I'm also up for helping.
Don't know French, but ready to translate "Cyrille French" and help with
help files and examples. :)

Been spending some good amount of time on the previous pmpd release.


   2. Re: pmpd // call for English translation help (Julian Brooks)
> Hi Cyrille,
> I'd be up for this but it will have to be from mid-June for me.
> If that's any use then absolument. I have to say my French is pretty dodgy
> though my Cyrille English is pretty good after having spent so much time
> poring over the pmpd help files:)
> Julian
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