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Mon May 13 16:57:44 CEST 2013

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This workshop will provide an introduction to sound synthesis and the 
creation of autonomous and interactive music systems. The workshop will 
examine what happens when we return to the sounds of classic subtractive 
and FM synthesis but subsitute the common MIDI interface (which is 
structured around traditional Western notions of music) for an 
alternative system. While there will still be control over the basic 
parameters of synthesis, this new approach will change the way we create 
and structure the music and lead us towards new aesthetic outcomes. The 
workshop will combine the use of the open source software Pure Data with 
new software created specifically for this workshop.


- Techniques for generative composition and sound synthesis
- New interfaces to structuring sound in reaction to traditional 
Western musical notions
- Evaluation and discussion of the interactions between the artist, the 
technology used and musical aesthetics

Level: Beginners. Although some familiarity with sound synthesis is 
welcome, no previous programming experience or knowledge of PureData is 

Tutor: Theo Burt
Theo Burt (b.1979, Falmouth, UK) works with computer sound, video and 
light, drawing on the perceptual relationships between sound and image 
and exploring the aesthetic application of technology.


Monday 20.05.2013, 18:30-21:30h
Wednesday 22.05.2013, 18:30-21:30h
Thursday 23.05.2013, 18:00-22:00h
Monday 27.05.2013, 18:30-21:30h
Wednesday 29.05.2013, 18:30-21:30h
Thursday 30.05.2013, 18:00-22:00h

Location: Hangar. Passatge del Marquès de Santa Isabel, 40. Barcelona. 
Metro Poblenou.

Price: Free

To sign up, please send an email to info at lullcec.org with a brief text 
outlining your background and motivation for attending the workshop. 
Note that applications from candidates unable to attend the course in 
its entirety will be declined.

+info: [ http://lullcec.org/en/2013/workshops/1000-anys-de-control/ ]

This workshop has been coordinated by l’ull cec for Hangar.

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