[PD] Crossfade between 2 rj lib save states?

JF saintidle at yahoo.com
Tue May 14 09:09:10 CEST 2013

Thanks Frank.

> The rj saving (or sssad saving, which is at rj's core) can manage parameters of
> various character - symbols, for example, ot lists with symbols or numbers,
> that maybe are intended to be used as integers. So crossfading everything
> blindly is impossible.

Yes I figured that I would have to let rj/sssad handle the static storage and implement 

the crossfading myself.

> I would suggest you make some kind of wrapper. You can remote-control all rj
> parameters via sends and receives, so it's probably not necessary to change the
> rj state management itself. Ciao

What should I wrap?

Sorry I'm still a bit rusty after so long away from Pd.

I was playing with it last night and had some thoughts.

Let rj/sssad store and load static presets as normal and implement a parameter crossfade 

at read time.

Create 2 read-only, parameter holding banks to load presets into. A sort of turntable A and 

turntable B. So presets can be loaded into either bank A or bank B (usually the one that 

isn't playing at the time).

Have an rj style gui that represents the patch's current parameter values. When a 

global crossfader is moved, make the current value of a parameter fade/interpolate 

towards the value in the required preset banks.

- Cutoff current value is 70

- Move the crossfader left towards bank A where the preset value of the cutoff is 10
- Cutoff current value changes smoothly from 70 to 10

Does it sound like I'm on the right track?

Also I'll point out that I'm patching for a computer not an iWhatever. I just find the rj 

abstractions to be very helpful. (Cheers!)

Thanks in advance,

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