[PD] High CPU usage when tracks are muted (Raspberry Pi)

Halfdan Mouritzen halfdan at robothangarskib.dk
Tue May 14 16:00:23 CEST 2013

> I had the same problem with cpu usage peaking when the patch was silent on
> the rpi with pd 0.43-something (whatever was in the standard rpi repos)
> Turned out it was the [hip~] that was causing the problem. (I used two [hip~
> 5] before the [dac~] and simply removing them completely solved the problem)
> The [hip~] bug might be solved in the 0.44-3 though I have not tested it
> yet.

Unfortunately my raspberrys are packed into boxes right now, so I can't test.

During next week they will be back with me and I continue working on
the setup - looking forward to testing your tip!

// Halfdan

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