[PD] pd2png : screenshots of patchs

s p sebpiq at gmail.com
Wed May 15 18:41:50 CEST 2013

SVG is even more cross-plateform, and more importantly it is supported by
web browsers, you can use javascript to edit it and you can use css to
style it. That could be the stem for a new pd GUI.

2013/5/15 Abel Jérôme <abel.jerome at free.fr>

> Hi,
> > GridFlow has a Pd patch to take screenshots of other Pd patches using
> X11 (so: GNU/Linux, BSD, etc, possibly OS X, unlikely to work on Windows)
> > which works for really tall patches
> Yes, you're right, I saw this idea in gridflow. I will try it.
> > Well ... basically to me the way to go is really with SVG as a starting
> point. Because once you have SVG, you can use one of hundred different
> tools to convert to PNG, JPG or any image format you can dream of
> With inkscape you can convert .ps into .svg :
> inkscape pd.ps --export-plain-svg=pd.svg
> I don't know if we can command Pd to print patchs in .ps (in a command
> line). It could strong and cross-platform.
> Jerome
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