[PD] Pd Development "Reverse Kickstarter"

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Wed May 15 23:19:17 CEST 2013

> > This may be a totally stupid idea but here it goes anyhow... What
> > about creating a special nlet object that can dynamically change the
> > number of nlets (in or out depending on a flag given) and issue
> > command to gop object to redraw itself upon update? Doesn't seem to
> > hard to implement but it does seem a bit unconventional, if you
> > like...
> >
> hmm... you'd also want some convenient way to empower people to do
> something
> with audio and/or messages going in and out.  A similar possibliity might
> be to make a voicebank object that allocates n copies of an abstraction
> makes all their nlets appear on the containing patch somehow.

I was thinking something along the lines that receives are created for each
nlet as those are created so that way you could route things within the
patch without resorting to scripted patching. E.g. multioutlet is created
with optional arguments blah 1 4. Blah is its context, 0/1 is whether it is
inlets or outlets, and last is the number of nlets (4). Now this object is
set up to receive blah_0, blah_1, etc. and they are being routed to
respective outlets. There could be another signal based nlet or one that can
do both (with more optional arguments or messages passed into it). At any
rate, you get the idea--it's not that great the more I think about it but it
does potentially solve a few issues...

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