[PD] OT: raspberry pi

Patrick Pagano bigswift at ufl.edu
Thu May 16 15:39:40 CEST 2013


i just received my first raspberry doo-hickey and i am wondering what 
distro people are using.
I tried the wheezy last night and it seems okay, i installed pd-extended 
after a few tries
I was unsuccessful with getting the CCRMA distro to load onto an 8GB chip

i basically would like to have pd with pdp working, supercollider and i 
assume omxplayer

are there any other essentials i should try?

i would like to use the pi for receiving network GOs for small video 
projections on stage or to fire off small videos from other sources 
[arduino, kinect, wii etc..]

thanks in advance for any comments or help


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