[PD] audio apis

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Mon May 20 22:43:55 CEST 2013

Hi list,

For pd-list people, please skip down to #7 below...

A little confused.  A few questions:

1) what's the difference between API_NONE and API_DUMMY?
2) are API_NONE and/or API_DUMMY available for all platforms? (macos, windows, gnu/linux)
3) if I make a ttk::combobox for choosing the api, shouldn't it have an option for selecting
"None" or "Dummy" for the cases where that is what the user wants?

and less pressing (and can't remember if I already asked):
4) did s_audio_esd.c ever work?
5) if it did, what needs to be done to get it to work again?
6) has anyone substantiated the claims by pulse audio people that pulse is a drop-in replacement for esd?

And just curious:
7) Does anyone using GNU/Linux system want to use pulse-audio with Pd?  The main reason would be easy software mixing-- for example, you could watch a tutorial on youtube and get sound out of a running instance of Pd without doing any configuration whatsoever.  (At least that's what Pulse Audio claims-- I haven't used it so much.)


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