[PD] a method for a subpatch to determine the name of its parent patch

Samuel Burt composer.samuel.burt at gmail.com
Tue May 21 22:41:51 CEST 2013

Friends, please, assist me with a question.

I want to have a subpatch refer to the name of its parent patch.

The subpatch will be a gop object that can be dropped into parent patches
of varying names. The subpatch will have a list of gop abstractions that
can be automatically created in a parent patch. How can I get the name of
the parent patch from the subpatch for the subsequent [send]?

I have tried [parentdollarzero]. Does it just generate the random number
associated with the parent? This is what it looks like to me. Can this
number be used with my dynamic patching [send] in a way of which I am not

On another message board, someone recommended [gf/canvas_*], but I don't
have gridflow working nor do I want to include it because I am doing this
programming for someone else.

Do any of you have solutions for me? I would greatly appreciate advice!

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