[PD] OT: another linux system question

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Fri May 24 12:06:55 CEST 2013

Hello list,

after trying debian squeezy for a few months on my Thinkpad X61s (an old  
model), I'm thinking of trying another distribution, due to several  
details. As I'm not up to date on the offer now, I wanted to ask what  
distributions are interesting nowadays (and in the future?).

The reason why I changed from ubuntu to debian was because I found the  
latest ubuntu version very bloated. But now I have issues with several  
details that don't work on debian, and should work on a more "general"  
distro like ubuntu. So it might be better to go back to Ubuntu, and use a  
ligher desktop manager as gnome?

I was looking for a system with LTS (I won't upgrade for as long as I  
can), modern (I need to try some programs now and then that require modern  
libraries and dependencies), and also light. The hardware is a bit old,  
and I need it mainly for Pd with Jack.

I've seen many people speaking good things about linux mint. Is it worth  
it, or better to go directly to the "source", ubuntu? (but ubuntu's  
source, debian, isn't working well for me)
Also important is that I don't have to spend time compiling, building and  
going through forums. Or I'll just loose my temper, and go back to windows  
for some years again.

My hardware is:
- Thinkpad X61s 64b (dual boot with windows 7) - but I'll use linux with  
- RME Multiface I with PCMCIA card
- wacom intous3 tablet (that I wanted to acess through hid)
- Behringer BCF2000

What is your experience, what's out there that looks interesting these  



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