[PD] first exercise with data structures

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sun May 26 11:19:25 CEST 2013

> I've just started tweaking with it to see if I finally learn it, but it's
> crashing a lot!!! I'm just changing arguments in the struct object and it
> crashes... I clicl on GOP box and it crashes... things like that.

as someone told me, in this kind of data management it is kind of expected  
to count that some memory problems can happen, if you're changing the  
template too often, or in the wrong places. I don't know if it's true, but  
 from the issues data structures have, this is the one I usually try to  
cope with.
Besides regular saving, one thing that usually helps, is to close the  
display window when messing with the template. I also noticed that windows  
is more stable then debian regarding data structures.

> Also, it seems completely incomprehensible how to use them for display  
> in a
> GOP subpatch or abstraction. I wonder how the hell can someone manage to  
> do
> that and why is it so different than anything else on Pd?
> I mean, if you check GOP, the data structuresI displayed just increase
> insanely in size, and in João's belzier patches, they are completely out  
> of
> the red graph boundaries.

that patch is a bit complicated (and not super-efficient in the  
implementation in some details) to be looking at. there are other patches  
in my folder (and more coming) which have simpler concepts.

not sure if I can explain the GOP display correctly: the size in points  
applies just like any other gui object, when looking from outside the gop.  
And a nice detail is, as long as the "range" parameters are correct, when  
you change the gop window size, the data structures rescale to it (in  
contrary to a fixed-size gui object).
But when you open the patch inside, the scalars adjust to the size of the  
subpatch canvas.
And to make matters more "logical", if you switch off the gop box, then  
scalars inside the patch display correctly. Don't know how far this can be  
considered a bug.

Anyway, if working with data structures inside gop, it's the view from  
outside that counts.

Adding to that, the bug explained in the [bezier] help file: data  
structures (or maybe all objects?) outside of the gop aren't clickable.  
But they still work.

> I'm pending to nevermind about getting myself involved with it indeed.  
> But
> any guiding help is appreciated ;)

keep trying, and make pressure for better implementations. the more we  
are, there is more motivation for Puckette (and others?) to work on it.


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