[PD] "pd: exiting" on RPi running arch

IOhannes zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun May 26 18:07:06 CEST 2013

On 05/26/2013 05:42 PM, James Dunn wrote:
> Quoth IOhannes zmölnig, on 26/05/2013 16:16:
>> try instead:
>>  "-v" (for verbose)
>>  "-v -v" (for more verbosity)
> The pd -v, or -v -v options don't work, it justs prints out the valid
> options, ie:
> usage: pd [-flags] [file]...
> audio configuration flags:
> -r <n>           -- specify sample rate
> -audioindev ...
> etc..

when reading on, you might also come across:
-verbose         -- extra printout on startup...

so indeed, it's "-verbose" and "-verbose -verbose" (instead of "-v")

> As mentioned previously, pd runs fine with -nogui. I made a patch on

i missed that info in your original mail (please don't require anyone 
willing to answer to have read all your emails to this list and remember 
them :-))

> another machine, then opened it on the RPi. The patch sends a message
> via netsend to pdreceive (both on the pi) and it works fine when run as
> -nogui. None of the audio options make any difference (-noaudio,
> -nosound, -noadc, -nodac, -nomidi) and -noprefs has no effect either.
> I made another patch to loadbang a sound out of the pi in -nogui but
> that didn't work.

check the various posts on this list about why [loadbang]->[; pd dsp 1( 
often does not work. a simple workaround is to introduce a [delay 1000] 
to start dsp only after some "boot time".

> Strange that xterm works but pd doesn't - I have quite a minimal arch
> install so maybe some other X packages are needed for tcl/tk/wish, etc?

can you run
$ wish
via the ssh connection?

if so, Pd should be able to run fine.
which version of tcl/tk do you have installed?

you could also try to run Pd without realtime priviliges
$ pd -nrt


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