[PD] hox to use sys_close ?

Roch Jub rochjub at gmail.com
Sun May 26 19:20:22 CEST 2013

Hello list,

I'm working on a small project wich is almost finished,

I try to make it the less cpu expensive possible because it runs on a
shitty computer wich was made for this project, it's a homemade one piece
computer&sceen, made with lcd display and desktop computer and a homemade

this would be the 2nd or 3rd version of this "project", this is an old one
with many tv s http://vimeo.com/51389641

1 / the idea is to record 20 frames from webcam everytime somebody click a
2 / save them as a sequence of 20 frames on disk,
3 / then display randomly each sequence looping for let say 4 seconds

So what I do in record mode is feed a pix_buffer write with a pix_video,
the with the pix_buffer write feed a pix_write wich record something like
seqxxx_$1.jpg ($1, from 0 to 19)

this solutions after different test with other , came out as the best one
for a correct framerate

and in random display mode I feed avery 4 seconds the pix_buffer directly
with a looping $1 from 0 to 19 message "file seqxxx_$1.jpg $1".

I hope you get !

So my problem would be that I use a pix_buffer for all my actions almost,
and that it open files and don't close connections, in 0.42 I found that
it's a known problem, and I read that 0.43 had this sys_close() ability, so
I switched to 0.43 but I don't know use this function, how can I close all
opened files ?

thanks you !
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