[PD] OT: another linux system question

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Sun May 26 22:21:04 CEST 2013

On 05/24/2013 12:06 PM, João Pais wrote:
> Hello list,
> So it might be better to go back to Ubuntu, and use
> a ligher desktop manager as gnome?

i'm using xfce4 on all my audio machines, and i'm very happy with it (ex 
kde user here). should be available on ubuntu as well (maybe not in 
their default repo, but sure in whatsitcalled, universe?).

> My hardware is:
> - Thinkpad X61s 64b (dual boot with windows 7) - but I'll use linux with
> 32b

why? there is really no reason to run 32bit anymore, if your processor 
is native 64bit

> - RME Multiface I with PCMCIA card

rock solid out of the box.

> - wacom intous3 tablet (that I wanted to acess through hid)

can't comment on that one. but if it's supported by linux at all, it can 
be massaged into any distro whatsoever, no use to go distro hopping like 

> - Behringer BCF2000

this is a generic class compliant usb 1.1 device and will work out of 
the box on all but the most ancient linux systems.

> What is your experience, what's out there that looks interesting these
> days?

personally, i'm using opensuse because i always have and i'm lazy, and 
ever since they introduced a rolling update scheme, i'm happy.

often when i read user reports on the linux audio lists, i can't help 
but think that people are distro hopping too much. if you spend the time 
it takes to install yet another distro from scratch reading the docs of 
your current distro instead and tweaking some details, you'll reach your 
goal _and_ improve your understanding of your system.
granted, there are some issues that really reach into the fundamental 
design decisions of a distro and might not be solvable, but those are 
very rare. frantic distro juggling however is a common disease.

also, when you are starting fresh and have lots of disk space, reserve 
one partition for experiments. that way, you can try new stuff and 
always go back to a tried, trusted, and gig-ready setup.



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