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Ivica Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Mon Jun 3 06:42:22 CEST 2013

Joining late to the discussion--is there now a native Pd external that
allows direct connection to RPi pins or is there still a need to use
middleware to access the data steam? If former, where can one get their
hands on the source--I would love to include it in the next pd-l2ork RPi

Please advise.
On May 23, 2013 8:20 AM, "Julian Brooks" <jbeezez at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just checked it again and noticeably in comparison to all our previous
> testing there is now (as good as) zero errors from the sensors.  Rock
> solid.  Joy.
> On 23 May 2013 13:16, Julian Brooks <jbeezez at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey Martin,
>> Many thanks for the extra wiring diagram.
>> We managed to confirm both sensors are working via pin11 from the IC
>> going between earth & 3v with gpio17 disconnected and running i2cdetect.
>> That was really useful as it was the first definite confirmation that
>> both sensors are working correctly.
>> In the process of doing that we also discovered that the line from gpio17
>> to IC pin11 was in fact not connected to gpio17 at all!
>> To try and keep the protoplate reasonably tidy we'd soldered to the
>> underneath of the plate.  Somehow in the flipping from one side to the
>> other we'd messed up and missed by two connecting it to ground and
>> therefore making complete sense as to why only one sensor was working.
>> This is also after spending a half hour this morning checking and double
>> checking all the various lines and connections.
>> So working now - blimey.
>> OAN - Whilst wanting to progress the Pd patch last night, having left it
>> since last Friday, I plugged the box with all our gubbins in and promptly
>> blew up the Pi - proper fried it it seems.  Loose power cable to the Pi and
>> we think it was touching a screw on the box.  Kapput.
>> The RPi was a rev1 board and my other is rev2 and the custom image I made
>> doesn't work on the rev2 board.  Always know this was a possible issue but,
>> you know, got a ton of other stuff to be getting on with.
>> So spent until 4am building a fresh image from
>> http://moebiuslinux.sourceforge.net/
>> and works really well so far-which is good.  Didn't get my patching done
>> though:)
>> Long way of saying that I've updated my C file to reflect this and all
>> working lovely.
>> Thank you thank you thank you.
>> Been much fun,
>> Julian
>> P.S. Will give this thread a nudge when I've documented it all (it's a
>> whopper)
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